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Finding cheap people carrier car insurance can be a challenge as not all insurers fully understand them. The crossover between minibus and people carrier has confused many companies, meaning finding cheap people carrier car insurance can be a challenge.
People carriers also carry more people, which heightens the risk of personal injury claims, which increases the premium considerably. Personal injury is the bane of society when misused, but either way, it can be extremely expensive for an insurance company to service a claim for an entire family. That adds to the people carrier insurance quote.

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Add to that the increased size and weight of the vehicle and you have a potentially expensive people carrier insurance quote on your hands.

Lower the Cost of Insurance for People Carriers

Many people carriers are only used for the school run and for shuttling the kids around. If this is the case for you, it’s well worth investigating a telemetry box insurance policy. They can, in many situations, lower car insurance for people carriers.
By studying how you drive and only charging you for the miles you do, these policies can work out cheaper if you don’t use the car all that much. Many of these ”black boxes” also work as trackers should your car be stolen offering a secondary and very valuable advantage.
This type of policy won’t suit every situation, but is well worth considering if you don’t drive all that much.
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